Mindful Monday: Mindful Self-care

Posted on March 19, 2018 by Healing Connections

When we spend the weekend “relaxing” and shutting off after a stressful week and call it “self-care” are we really taking care of ourselves or trying to escape?  There is a very interesting exploration of self-care versus escaping in the blog post by Lisa Blair on Femsplain.

“Escapism is the opposite of mindfulness. When we use self-care as an escape, we learn nothing, change nothing, solve nothing, work through nothing. The reasons we need self-care in the first place are lost. All we’re left with is the good feeling that comes with pampering, and all we can do is enter and exit a cycle of repressing, forgetting, and consuming….

To really care for yourself you have to be there. You can’t just check out and expect to feel better when you have to return. Pay attention, count your breaths, and feel your body.

Use the safety of self-care to confront what hurts. Use it as a time for intimacy with yourself and what is.

Use the masks and the bombs, make smoothie bowls and drink lots of water. But while you do it, make sure a change is happening inside, too.”

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